Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Gets A Time Out

Ahhh, 2013. We started with such high hopes. We set goals. We broke those down into smaller goals. We envisioned great things. Then you had to go and mess it all up.
I have enough kids 2013, I don't need more messes.

I don't even remember all the stuff that has gone awry over the past two weeks. I am sleep deprived. My brain has stopped functioning. Ben and I have gotten about 4 hours of sleep in the last 3 days. I bet if I called my BF though she could remind me. I have most likely spent enough time on the phone complaining to her. The highlights for the past few days have been.....
Ben and Andrew taking out the old water heater
  • Had the hot water heater go out. There are two in the house so this isn't the tragedy it could have been. We did discover that the guy who put in the AC/furnace didn't leave enough room for the water heater (which is older than the furnace). That's been fun. It does mean less showers. Don't come over. We all smell.
  • After my hubby and his friend figured out the water heater the furnace broke. At first I thought it was something they had done (sorry for the doubts honey), but no, the nice fix it man said it was just really old. He can fix it temporarily but in the next year we will need a new one. If we want one now he could make room so we could get that hot water heater in and out easily and maybe go bigger on the gallons. Except we just bought the new one.....which got scratched going in.......and can't be returned.

This is what a 16 year old water heater looks like.

  • Then my baby girl (alright she's two but she is still the baby) started acting funny yesterday. Her eyes were not focusing, her balance was off, and she kept trying to grab things that weren't there. When she had what looked to me like a seizure I called Ben and he rushed her to the ER. They said it looked like poisoning. I looked around and discovered that she had gotten into and drank a half bottle of Benadryl. 4 ounces. If you think that doesn't sound like much then remember that kids under 6 should never have Benadryl and that kids above 6 only get 1 teaspoon. In a nutshell, I had drugged her by leaving out the Benadryl. (inset massive guilt) She was wired and trippin until 3am.

My poor baby in the hospital. Ben got a lot of blood on his clothes from them  inserting an IV

  • We discovered that our bank account has been hacked. There was not a lot missing but lots of little charges that amounted to a lot. At the same time Ben's work credit card ended up with a lot of weird charges.
  • We had to file a claim for a damaged door. It's a long story but it involves lots of calls, emails, a mean salvage yard guy and it basically means we are either out by $550 dollars or around $200 dollars depending on how it goes. This has been going on for 2 months but it hit it's climax this week. The truck is still not street legal.
So 2013, you have been put in time out. We have had words. I hope you think of  what you have done and how it effects the people around you. I am letting you out of time out now but I expect you to behave!
Our welcome home Hannah cupcake party

As always, our trials are usually ones of incovenience and life is actually pretty good. This a view from Andrew's plane. Ben took the picture. Our house is opposite the cul de sac with the two white cars. If you look really really hard you can see me and the kids waving hi from the street.
Another sky high pic of Midland. I love the plane pics, they are so beautiful. 


Brooke said...

Dang girl! I have absolutely no complaints when I read what you guys have been through...Please call me if you need anything! My life is cake! :) Plus, I am close and totally understand, so seriously call if you need anything!

Melissa said...

oh.....TERRIBLE. So terrible!! I am sorry :(

M and W said...

Poor Hannah!!

Katrina said...

I'm sorry. {{BIG HUG}}
My part of the world has been stressful too. 2013 can bite my... ok, well. Anyway, sorry about your baby. Crap happens. Glad it wasn't worse.
It can get worse!
Hope 2013 starts to behave after that TimeOut! Or. Else. !

katharine said...

Oh no. Wish I could come bring you some treats or help with something. Here's to February looking up!