Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Awesomeness and Blogs

The other day on facebook I read this awesome post by a mommy blogger.


It is all about drops of awesome. It's a good read and I had to laugh since my husband, for the last year, has repeatedly said he only has 3 rules in his life.

1. Don't eat or drink after anyone.
2. Keep the Commandments
3. Be Awesome

My kids hear these all the time so last night we did a family home evening on being awesome. I modified it slightly from the blogger post to fit our family right now. I got out our whiteboard and asked the kids to list everything they were suppose to do in life. They knew this was FHE so things like prayers, scriptures, and church attendance got on first. I asked for more. Abby, who has been working on personal hygiene, said they had to wash our hands after we go to the bathroom. The other snickered but saw me write it down. The list grew, it had things like waking up, sleeping, brushing our teeth, doing homework, and remembering to not pick our noses (at least in public). Wow, big list and we ran out of room. Then I talked about how we can get down on ourselves because we often view life as a big list that we are not getting all done or can't get done. We talked about we sometimes don't feel smart or pretty or spiritual enough but that those thoughts come from Satan and not our Heavenly Father. He thinks we are awesome.  I didn't have a dropper but had a leftover bottle filled with water. We went around the table twice and got to put in a squeeze for each awesome thing we did that day. Then we looked in the bowl. We talked about how if we kept putting in squeezes or 'drops of awesome' we could eventually fill the bowl but sometimes we need more then that. It is during these times when we need to view ourselves as our father sees us. When we think of how awesome he knows we are it's like filling the bowl with a pitcher instead of a bottle. This is where we overflowed the bowl all at once. Then we sang I am a Child of God (going along nicely with this year's Primary theme). All today we have been commenting on each other's drops of awesome.
 Sadie made her bed. Awwwesooome!
Eliora had all her homework done for school. Awwesooome!
Audrey read books to her little sister. Awwesooome!
Abby hair looked super cute today. Awwwesooome!
See, drops of awesome can be anything.

On a total sidenote, I started my own 'journal' blog about a year ago, blogged for six months and stopped. Today I went back and looked at it. Not sure why I decided to start a separate one or use my 'give out on surveys email address' but I thought I would put it on my blogroll. Maybe it will help me remember to keep it up. I actually think some of my earlier posts are kinda funny. I might just switch them to here one day.

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