Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I always know I need to stay more up to date on our blog!! So as not to bombard you too much with pictures I thought I would attempt to make collages. Our day to day stuff over the past few months have been pretty normal. Sickness still reined supreme for a bit but I finally think we have all caught the last of it. The girls started up piano again and Dad went out of town for a bit (see his last post) which always means a girl's night in our house! Eliora got to dress up as Nancy Drew for school and has enjoyed pajama days, pizza days, and getting ready for their Renaissance Festival. Her at home project has been Queen Elizabeth. After Ben's rock trip he has spent more time at the rock shop, a place where there are 'free' sodas and candy and a big pile of dirt out back. Of course, this means the girls beg to go with him and after going once myself I can start to see the appeal. It is cool to cut open a rock and realize they are beautiful inside!! The weather is warming slightly and which means more time hula hooping, riding bikes, enjoying play grounds, and burning leaves with magnifying glasses! (the pic of the statue in the sunroom is a whole other story...just don't blink!)
Abby turned 5 this year celebrating with two friends who were celebrating in the same week! They had a Brave party with balloon games, cake, and ice cream. She got her super fancy boots for a present!

Ben also turned 36. He got a pillow (the guy is obsessed with pillows) and this cool poster the girls made. Can you tell what it says? Valentine's Day was a big surprise when Ben woke me up with earrings. Audrey was with him when they bought them but neither of them had said a word or dropped a hint. Eliora got to pass out Valentine cards (pop rocks that said 'You Rock Valentine!') and we had our fancy dinner with the kids.

Another fun adventure was visiting Alpine, Texas. A cute little town about 2 hours away. I have no idea why we don't have a picture of the hotel we stayed at. It was adorable! Ben drove out with the girls to meet Andrew (who flew) and Audrey and I hitched a ride later with Debi and Mary. We got there in time for dinner and spent the rest of the evening around a bonfire sharing stories with a newly married couple from Latvia (I think...might have to ask Ben about that). I had to drive back early the next day (Ben flew back with Andrew) but not before seeing the quaint shops and listening to the frequent trains going by.

Sadie is turning 7 today and besides a dinner tonight and a party this weekend we also got to visit Lubbock and go to Circus Gatti with Jeff, Anna, and Tristan. I am so glad Anna found out about it and urged us to go! The circus is one of those events where I always wonder why the seats aren't more crowded. It was awesome! Sadie got a pony ride from Jeff and Anna at intermission and Eliora was chosen out of the audience to be the clown's (pretending to be a magician) assistant!

Last weekend was a quick trip to Lake Henry with our good friends Andrew, Debi, and Mary. It was beautiful and windy!! After a night of watching our tent blow away Ben and I are scouting craigslist for a pop up camper!

Sunday was so beautiful (after temperatures dropping again) that we decided to check out the Sibley Nature Preserve. We recieved some great counsel at Stake Conference from Pres. Richard G. Scott, Sister ...dang it, I forgot her name!, and Pres. Eyring. All were uplifting and caused Ben and I to talk about reorganizing our priorities and simplifying a little. After a rocky start 2013 is underway and looking up!


M and W said...

The girls are getting so big! I love that picture of you in the pink top, so beautiful!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Ben,Tonia,and daughters,
Thank you so much for the delicious pecan pies packed full of pecans!
Nice to meet you all!
:) Andrew's mom