Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!!

For some reason Christmas always starts at Thanksgiving for me. This year was Grandma and Grandpa Roundy's house.
The tree got moved to the living room this year. I like it in a room we go in more often. Our elf Herminckle also returned this year. He is a little more naughty this year. He keeps flirting with Audrey Hepburn, turned the milk green, moved Sadie out of her bed and into the babies crib, and toilet papered the girl's room. We had a talking with him though and he has been better - playing Jenga with the stuffed animals, reading his scriptures, and put candy canes on the Christmas tree. We were a bit worried when he was almost eaten by the alligator head but he seemed to come out unscathed.

We have put up lights, visited two Nativity collections (one in Lubbock, one in Midland - both with awesome music from the community), made crock pot hot chocolate, watched The Christmas Story, gone to the ward party, visited Santa Clause, been caroled by the Rebel High School Marching Band, gone to the Midland parade (Audrey went to the Nutcracker with a friend instead) and visited the Southwest Museum (shown above).

We have also been baking! We dropped our fudge on parchment instead of putting it in the pan. It was still edible enough to take to the Christmas party despite the whole extra cup of sugar that 'accidentally' got put in!!

We have also been doing lots of Christmas shopping. The girls are buying or making everyone presents this year and they have been awesome about earning money to do it! Can't wait for family to see what their ideas are!

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