Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quick Updates

All the cameras just happen to need recharched at the moment but since it's a New Year's tradition to review our blog for the year I thought I would update a little.

Halloween was costumes, trick or treating, and activities like hearing ghost stories at the Sibley Nature Center around the fire. Eliora was Princess Leia, Audrey was an elf (LofRs), Sadie was a Longhorn witch, Abby was a rock star, and Hannah was tinkerbell. Dad went to the ward party as a greaser from the 50's.

Thanksgiving has come and gone with a trip to Utah. Highlights were seeing the family, friends, and mountains we miss, Eliora meeting Brandon Mull and turning 11. Audrey liked the trenches in Grandma's front yard and the pony that was next door. They also learned to play Worms and Halo 5 (thanks a lot Ryan and Dustin).

We have been decorating for Christmas. The lights in the yard are up and the tree is beautiful. Our elf has returned but has turned into a naughty elf this year. He has turned the milk green, put gel in the kid's hair at night, bought sugar cereal to eat, and toilet papered the rooms. I don't think he is getting a gift from Santa this year.

Everyone has been sick. Bleh.

Last Sunday we drove up to Lubbock to take family pictures. They are all on facebook (facebook is ruining my blogging) but here are a few favorites......

Mom, I'm thinking you need this one in your house. The door in the background kind of matches your decor!

Poor little Hannah was sick. She turned two this year and was a trooper all day! Anna has since photoshopped out the chapped lips but I actually think the original shots are still awesome. Anna takes amazing photos!

Look at my sparkly eyed girl! I can't believe she is 9!

6 year old Sadie. Loving the poses!

4 year old Abby just got bangs. I love them!

This is our album cover for when we tour the country

I love this shot. We did some of just silouettes that turned out pretty cool as well but I love that you can just see everyone.

I have fallen in love with West Texas. I love the cotton fields, the oil pumps, the general sense of work and friendship everyone has.

12 years and we still have the romance!

He is kissing the top of my head because I have a cold and he will not kiss a girl with a cold. Romance does not actually happen in flu season.

Eliora just turned 11. Every shot of the girls were so beautiful it was hard to pick on to put on the blog but I loved the sun tinting her hair in this one.

Ben and Anna had to climb the fire escape to get to the roof for this one. I had to carry the camera down. I almost had to carry Anna down. :)
I had to include this. It is not picture perfect but do you see Sadie mid flight! Hannah was not looking at the camera and Anna was asking her to look at the squeaky fish. Sadie overheard and took off running to get the squeaky fish for Hannah. This so sums up Sadie. Honestly, I laugh everytime I see it. She is the girl who is going to help. She is going to get you things. She is going to get that squeaky fish because her little sister needs it!!

Ben has always loved singing in the rain. Actually, being goofy sums up our family pretty well.


Melissa said...

They are great photos...your family is beautiful!!

.:Anna:. said...

LOL .... you did NOT have to almost carry me down I went willingly :)

It's easy to take pretty pictures when you are pretty people :)

Teresa said...

Awesome pictures. So glad to see these, the girls are growing so fast!